PicoScope 2000 Series

Most Affordable
Probes Included:


Like a benchtop oscilloscope, only smaller and better

  • 2 channel, 4 channel and MSO models
  • 6 instruments in one
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Up to 100 MHz bandwidth
  • Up to 128 MS buffer memory
  • Decode 16 serial protocols as standard
  • USB connected and powered
  • Windows, Linux and Mac software

2000A Model

2000B Model

2000A & B MSO Model


Power and performance
in your hand
Benchtop performance
in a pocket-sized scope
Mixed signal


2 or 42 or 42 analog + 16 digital


FG + AWG 100 kHz /
1 MHz
FG + AWG 1 MHzFG + AWG 1 MHz

Analog bandwidth

10 to 25 MHz50 to 100 MHz25 to 100 MHz

Sampling rate

100 to 500 MS/s500 MS/s to 1 GS/s500 MS/s to 1 GS/s


8 bits (12 bits)8 bits (12 bits)8 bits (12 bits)

Capture memory

8 kS to 48 kS32 MS to 128 MS48 kS to 128 MS



Your complete test & measurement laboratory

You can use your PicoScope 2000 Series as an advanced oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, function generator, arbitrary waveform generator and protocol decoder out of the box. Mixed signal models also add a 16 channel logic analyzer. A complete electronics lab in one compact, low-cost, USB-powered unit.

The PicoScope 2000A models deliver unbeatable value for money and are ideal for education, hobby and field service use. In the lab the low cost allows one scope per person rather than having to share. 

The PicoScope 2000B models have the added benefits of deep memory (up to 128 MS), higher bandwidth (up to 100 MHz) and faster waveform update rates. PicoScope 2000B models give you the performance to carry out advanced analysis of your waveforms. They are ideal for design, debug and serial decoding. 

PicoScope 2000 Datasheet

PicoScope 2000 Quick Start Guide

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