Ordinary Pipette Tip

Pipetting range: 0.5-10μl, 10-200μl, 10-300μl, 100-1000μl

Raw materials: high-quality natural polypropylene

Fine classification: with filter


Normal/low adsorption

Quality: No DNA/RNA enzyme, no pyrogen; ensure the pipetting process is accurate, the pipette and tip work together to achieve the best optimization.

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  • 100% virgin PP, high clarity
  • High precision mold, low retention
  • Universal fit with most of pipettors
  • Clean room production, non-pyrogenic,DNase/RNase free

Plastic Pipette Tip 

  • Material: Medical PP
  • Cap color: Clear, yellow, blue
  • Capacity: 5ul-1250ul
  • Types: Gilson/Eppendorf/Universal Pipettes/Dragon
  • Packing: Bag, box, or customized

Technical Advantages 

  • All surfaces of the tips are mirror surfaces, and the tips need to be transparent
  • Material requirements: Medical grade PP
  • The production workshop is 100,000 GMP
  • The tips require no DNA/RNA/DNSE/RNASE and enzyme pollution
  • The product has no oil stains and black spots
  • The concentricity of the tips is within 1.5MM, there must be no defects
  • The burr diameter inside and outside big mouth is controlled within 0.05MM
  • The burr diameter inside the small month is 0.05MM, and the outer diameter is within 0.1MM

100% Original Brands

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