Flex-TC Benchtop Temperature Forcing System

FlexTC Temperature Forcing System is used for stimulating case temperature (T case) by direct contact between a thermal head’s plunger and DUT.


FlexTC Temperature Forcing System’s main components:

1. Thermal head

2. Thermal head hose

3. Touchscreen user interface

4. Front panel purge

5. Device plunger

6. Mechanical interface: Thermal head makes direct mechanical contact with soldered or socketed DUT using one of the following interface options:

a. Universal adapter plate (suitable for socketed, open-top, soldered DUTs)

b. Custom adapter plate (suitable for socketed and soldered DUTs)

c. Boom stand arm (suitable for open-top, soldered DUTs)

d. Thermocouple inserted lid (suitable for open-top, socketed DUTs)

e. Open frame thermal lid (suitable for socketed, soldered DUTs)

f. Pneumatic head assembly (for quick replacement of devices in sockets)

g. Vacuum quick connect mechanism (for quick replacement of devices in sockets)

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