EndoLume Endoscopic System Light Meter

EndoLume™ is a portable handheld instrument, that consists of a custom-designed integrating sphere and light detector, precision light meter with digital display and adapters to connect with all endoscopic equipment common in medical institutions. Light values are displayed in lumens, the unit measure of luminous flux or the total amount of visible light.


EndoLume, the endoscope system light meter from Lighthouse Imaging, is designed to be simple to use, yet have enough versatility to measure all parts of your endoscopic illumination system.

EndoLume identifies the true source of illumination problems by quantitatively measuring:

  • Light output of endoscopic light source – all major brands & types
  • Light transmission through fiberoptic light cable – all connector types
  • Light transmission through optical fibers in flexible and rigid endoscopes


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